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December 10 2010

Satellite Navigation (SatNav)

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There seems to be some very underhand goings-on in the satnav world. When you buy a satnav you get normally get 1 free software upgrade to bring your maps up-to-date. When I tried to do this with the Tom Tom (an expensive and very recent model that included UK and Europe), I got a message telling me there was not enough memory on the satnav to do the update. After hours on-line and calling the help-desk, I finally got Tom Tom to admit that the update would not fit on the satnav and was finally able to get a refund from Halfords

This week I decided to buy a Garmin (nuvi 205 with UK and ROI only) with fewer features and a much lower price than the Tom Tom. And can you guess what happened when I tried to update the maps? Yes, not enough memory!

It would seem that some manufacturers are putting in just enough memory for the maps that they initially supply and that this feature of offering a free upgrade is, in reality, pure deception. I will keep the Garmin as it only cost 57 GBP (instead of 169 GBP for the Tom Tom) and as it does help arrivals into towns and cities; I will just have to put up with incorrect speed limits and missing roundabouts

I would be interested to hear from anyone who has actually managed a trouble-free upgrade

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